“Q: How is working with Cato assisting you in your NFL training?

JH: “Its great! He is making sure the bodies firing properly and perfecting every lift, which enables me to get the most out of my training.”

Q: What techniques do you like the most about Cato’s approach to strength and conditioning?

JH: “Making sure the muscles are firing properly, it’s the biggest thing! It’s also the biggest predictor to injuries. Cato’s strength is his ability to see that straight away and utilise his treatment and training to fix it.”

Q; What aspects of LPC do you like?

JH: “The different techniques and specialised equipment that we have used to get my body going, with Cato’s education from American and his methods. It’s very much in line with what I’m trying to achieve and it obviously works very well.”

Jarryd Hayne
NFL 49’ers, Professional Rugby League Gold Coast Titans


“I train and compete around the world as a professional squash player. I always have Coach Cato to support me through my App.

My strength, agility and performance on the court has improved dramatically.”

Tiffany Hau
Professional squash player


It’s been awesome working with Cato over the last couple of years. I have learned so much and I have really appreciated his support and knowledge.

Candice Dixon – TV Presenter, Saturday Disney

Candice Dixon
TV Presenter, Saturday Disney


“Cato has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience. He helped me formulate a very detailed and specific training plan over my off season whilst injured. Not only to maintain but to increase strength while also giving my injury the best chance to recover. Lift Performance Centre is a world class facility and has definitely given me the best chance to perform at my highest level this year.”

Shaun Kenny-Dowall
Professional Rugby League, Sydney Roosters


“It’s helped me and I’ve improved heaps… I needed a lift for the pre-season… Working with Cato has been an awesome experience…
Starting from the treatment, coming in with tight muscles… Now I’m feeling really good when I’m out in the field… My strength has improved dramatically.”

Timana Tahu
Professional Rugby League, Denver Stampede


“Giving myself 12 weeks to reach 70kg, I knew I needed help. This wasn’t the first time I’d resolved to put some meat on my bones, with previous efforts invariably conking out due to laziness. Enter Cato Rutherford, the owner of Lift Performance Centre on the southern fringe of Sydney’s CBD. Rutherford is a serious unit with training qualifications as long as the phone book. He has added beef to all manner of top-flight athletes, including rugby league champion Jarryd Hayne, and is renowned for ignoring excuses for inaction, such as a predisposition for weediness.

At our first meeting, Rutherford looked over my frame – yeah, it only took a second – and struck a note of optimism. My goal weight was within reach, he predicted, though it would take a lot of hard training and disciplined eating to get there.”




Bray Stoneham
Online Editor Mens Health Magazine


Cheers to Cato for looking after my rehab for the past 5 months! Treatment and training everyday has been intensive, and I have really enjoyed my training at LPC.
Penrith Panthers, NRL

Samisoni Langi
Professional Rugby League, Penrith Panthers


“I can’t thank Cato enough for training me in his top class facility. Im feeling the healthiest and strongest I’ve been!”

Matt Lodge
Professional Rugby League, Brisbane Broncos


“Competing in track and field where a hundredth of a second is the difference between winning and losing I am always seeking a competitive edge over my opponents.

Since joining Lift Performance Centre and guided by custom made sports specific programs designed for me, not only am I more balanced, I’m fitter, stronger and more importantly much faster than I ever have been which lead to my best competitive season to date.

I highly recommend any athletes who want a competitive edge to see Cato for their Strength and Conditioning needs.”

Michael Dotti
100m Sprinter


“I came to Cato during my off season period, and we set out a goal of becoming a stronger, more well balanced athlete. With Cato’s coaching and program my lifts improved as did my agility, and that translated over onto the track where I a ran multiple PB’s. My body is in great condition and I feel ready and confident for pre-season. I would definitely recommend any athletes looking for a competitive edge to train with Coach Cato at Lift Performance Centre.”

Connor Otoole
A league Brisbane Roar


The 12 week transformation was a life-changing experience for me. It was an extremely challenging 12 weeks, but I can honestly say it was well worth it. I am now a fitter, healthier and happier version of myself and I have gained a lot of knowledge during the process.I’m a pretty dedicated person, so I didn’t find it too difficult sticking to the diet and training routines.

The hardest part for me was definitely the social side of things. I am 22 years old, so no alcohol and limited foods was definitely tough on my social life. I found the easiest way of dealing with this was excluding myself from social activities so that I could concentrate on my diet and training.About 6 weeks in to my transformation I really started to struggle. I was exhausted, had no energy and was very moody. I went in for my weekly body fat test only to find out nothing had really changed.

This was very upsetting for me as I’d been working so hard in training and my diet. Cato told me to change my diet to include more things such as fruit and sweet potato. At this stage, I wanted to give up because mentally I was exhausted and hadn’t gotten any results. But I stuck to it, and funnily enough, this was the solution! From then on I had a lot more energy and was more successful at dropping body fat.

Lisa B


Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Andrew Johns, Andre Agassi, Kelly Slater are all champions in their field.
It is noted that at his peak Tiger Woods had a coach by his side for 8hrs of everyday – do you think it’s a coincidence he stayed at the top of his game for so long? Unlikely. It is also noted that the year his coach left him to work with another golfer that very golfer became no.1 the next year.

I’m not an elite athlete by any stretch of the definition and I’m not Tiger Woods but like everyone who has goals to achieve inside and out of the gym, having a trainer, being trained, staying accountable and continually assessing your progress is paramount to make sure you reach the initial goal you set out to accomplish.

I have been fortunate in my training life, I’ve played Rugby League and Touch Football at representative levels. A series of injuries and self-evaluation made it easy for me to shift my focus from contact sports. I know do something different where I have been testing different training styles available.

In 2yr blocks and over the past 8years I have tested 4 different training principles and their effectiveness toward what they claim to support/build/improve achieve etc.

Body Building and Hypertrophy
Olympic Lifting
Right now I am the absolute weekend warrior chasing a dream of being competitive in the Adventure/Obstacle Race scene. I am in my second year and have now completed 7 events and prepping to complete a further three races over the next 10days. Not for the glory but to test my programming and for the fulfilment I feel every time I complete another race.

What I have come to realise is that whatever you do you must buy into what you are doing – insert cliché ‘It’s you against you’ I can ramble on forever about how much I love Adventure/Obstacle Racing but put simply I love it the most because I am so far out of my comfort zone.

Welcome Cato and Trainerize.

Being so far from my comfort zone you need the right coach and the right program. Being someone who sees themselves with a reasonable understanding of how to train and the principles behind the movements, I knew I needed help just wasn’t sure of what that help was so I hunted down Cato and after two meetings I am a long term and huge fan of his programming and Trainerize app.

What has happened to me in my 4th training venture and having the know-how of Cato writing my training programs through Trainerize you ask? Put simply,

Tailor made
Structured programming that keeps me accountable to me future results.
As I’ve said I am so far outside my comfort zone that all weaknesses are realised when you are 10-20km into a race and this is what Cato programs for me specifically to work on while continually improve my base fitness.

I have been using the app for the past 12months and can’t fault the simplicity of Trainerize. Obviously its needs a brain in the driving seat writing the programs (I have this) and the second is fr me to get f my butt and do the work programmed for me.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I am every bit the white collar worker – I have a senior role in a great company, I travel interstate every other week and I am often found entertaining late into the evening. Not the ideal environment for an aspiring weekend warrior oh and I am recently engaged and have a small business, why am I telling you this? Is because spare time is non-existent and Trainerize has been my success tool to keep me accountable and keep me race ready all year round. The benefit of Cato’s programming and Trainerize app to me are simple as it is all accessible on my phone and not matter where I am in Aus I can schedule training around other commitments.

I put simple guidelines in when I signed up and from most important to least important they were:

Become competitive
Improve each race by place and km/split
Primary – Grip strength and secondary technique specific on each obstacle over time
Fitness (of course)
And a very, very distant last was to drop weight and improve aesthetics but what I have noticed is both of these happen when your programming and training schedule stays consistent over time.
I don’t train every day and sometime I can’t make it to the gym for several days but I’m not trying to become the next world champion, what I am doing is investing in is myself, my training and my outcome.

For anyone looking for great programing via a fantastic customised training app then Cato and Trainerize is for you.

White Collar worker, 33yr old, 3 major knee operations, Adventure Racer


In 2011 I was lucky enough to be invited to try-out for the Australian gridiron team.

It was only by chance that I meet Cato Rutherford a couple of weeks before and began training with him.

It was with his training and guidance that I not only made that team, but gained 10+ kilos of lean muscle, and have become faster, stronger and more athletically efficient.

Cato’s methods truly opened my mind to what it means to effectively train and correctly fuel your body. …(Cato) gives each client the tools to achieve all of their health and fitness goals, from waking up with more energy and feeling good about your body to winning gold at the olympics – Cato is your guy.

Thomas Grainger
World Cup Outback Grid Iron Wide Receiver


I would like to thank Cato and the team for their support and advice throughout the 12 weeks of training.

The start of the 12 week challenge was tuff.

Changing my eating habits to Cato’s nutrition and supplementation advice was going to be a challenge in itself. When I came on with Cato, he first pinched me at 12.8% BF. I came in at a lean 6.0% BF for my shoot.

All up a total loss of 6.8% BF.

Being 23 years old I cut out alcohol for that 12 weeks which was insane. Who doesn’t like a beer on a Saturday afternoon! Saying that, I took on his advice as I knew cutting alcohol and eating the right food was critical for dropping body fat to achieve the body I was after for my shoot.During the 12 weeks of hard training, personalization was a key factor to this outcome.

The programs were tailored to my needs and were exciting and challenging. I knew I just had to push through and think of the end result, being the photo shoot.The last two weeks were a mental challenges as I just wanted to eat all the food I was eating before. (Pizza, ice cream) etc, all the good stuff haha Once week out I cut all carbohydrates and felt tired and hungry the whole time.The day of the shoot came around quick in the last few weeks. It was an amazing feeling having completed the challenge. Looking at the photos from Simon Le Photography, my hard work and dedication was all worth it.

My next goal is to compete in the 2013 ANB male fitness model competition late next year.Thanks all, and looking forward to future programs to put me in shape for the ANB competition.

Matt King
ANB Male Fitness Model